Texas Ranger – Special Edition – Commemorative Set

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The Texas Ranger Law Enforcement Association (TRLEA) is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization.  The Board of Directors have diverse backgrounds including members who are highly respected business persons as well as members who are retired Texas Rangers. The membership includes both active and retired Texas Rangers, and is open to members of the general public who want to show their support for the Texas Rangers and retired Texas Rangers.  Our mission is to protect and enhance the heritage of the Texas Rangers and to show support for the past and present Rangers and their families.

The colorful history of the Texas Rangers makes them an attraction for the whole world. It is with this thought that the TRLEA was founded and our mission expanded to include membership from all walks of life. Our intent is to recognize the dedication of the Rangers through assistance with educational funding for the Rangers and their families; to monitor legislative issues affecting the Texas Rangers while staying committed to our non-profit status; and to be there in the case of catastrophic situations affecting the Rangers or their families.  As we grow so will our ability to carry out our mission and to consider new ways to further the organizational mission. You are invited to help us in this endeavor and honor these deserving individuals who have devoted their lives to making the world a better place to live by joining the TRLEA.
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NOTE: The Texas Ranger Law Enforcement Association is NOT affiliated with the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum (a self funding Department of the City of Waco, Texas.)

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