Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide information quickly, please view the following Frequently Asked Questions. If you find your question, get your answer by first clicking on the Texas Department of Public Safety link below and proceeding as instructed. If you do not find an answer to your question, submit your inquiry through our Contact Us page.

Texas Department of Public Safety

How do I become a Texas Ranger?
Select "Become a Ranger"

How do I find a relative or friend who was or is a Texas Ranger?
Select "Contact Information" for Archival Information

How do I find information or contact someone regarding a specific case or issue?
Select "Field Operations" to determine which Field Company you need and then select "Contact Us" for the address and phone number.

You can also select "e-mail" and submit any questions directly to the department. However, we encourage you to experience the site. It is full of information.