Oil Patch Luncheon
October 18th, 2005

MIDLAND -- October 18, 2005 - Texas Rangers Law Enforcement Association (TRLEA) hosts its first scholarship fund raising event.

Dallas Cowboy Greats Bob Lilly, Walt Garrison, Mel Renfro, and Randy White took center stage of the Petroleum Club ballroom and met an enthusiastic and somewhat unsuspecting West Texas audience.

Stories were told. Anecdotes brought tremendous laughter. Bob laughed until he cried. Walt and Randy took great pleasure causing each other as much discomfort as possible without telling everything. Mel was a sport sharing sentiments and taking barbs from the group.

The reason four Dallas Cowboy alumni came to town was to raise money to assist with education costs for Texas Rangers' children. They did. A great time was had by all.


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Table sponsors:
  • Cowboys Resources Corp. - Steve Castles - hosted attending Texas Rangers
  • Mike Harrison - hosted families of deceased Texas Rangers
  • United Fuels & Pro Petro - Tom Kelly - two tables and provided air transportation for Dallas Cowboys
  • Rosalind and Arden Grover
  • Mack Energy Corp. - Billy Munn
  • Morgan Keegan and Co. - Pap Roark
  • Newpark Drilling Fluids - Perry Bennett
  • Schlumberger Oilfield Services - Wayne Richards - two tables
  • Xterra Fishing & Rental Tools Co. - Larry Rankin
  • Wagner and Brown, Ltd. - Paul Morris
  • Clayton Williams Energy - Clayton Williams
Additionally, the Petroleum Club of Midland and its staff did an outstanding job of meeting our needs and accommodating the guests.

TRLEA extends its sincerest gratitude to all the participants.